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In 1972 Dianne Rothhammer's daughter made her mark in Olympic history by winning a Gold medal in the 800 meter freestyle event (8:53:68) and a Bronze in the 200 meter free (2:04:92). One year later, following her success as the youngest individual swimming gold medalist, she was nominated as the North American Athlete of the Year.

The 70's were an epic time. Shortly before her daughter's debut in Munich, Dianne Rothhammer developed a company to provide aspiring Olympic swimmers and recreational swimmers alike with innovative products: The company she created was Rothhammer International Inc.

In April of 1972 Rothhammer International Inc. established its reputation for initiative and innovation by becoming the first goggle supplier in the United States. For years U.S. swimmers had been exposing their eyes to PH balancing chemicals that would often result in hours of painful, foggy, and teary eyed vision, but with Rothhammer's new offering the post swimming blur would be alleviated.

Over the years Rothhammer International, commonly referred to as Sprint Aquatics, has been designing and patenting products that continue to revolutionize the aquatic industry. As the current owner, Laurel Maas's primary goal for Sprint Rothhammer was and continues to be creating products that meet the needs of those who use the pool as a form of physical therapy, training, and recreation.

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